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The Centare - High Density Vineyard Project

With grand plans to elevate Yarra Valley Cabernet blends to unprecedented heights, we challenge the norm and push the boundaries of cost and practicality, with the aim of producing grapes and wines of uniquity and Grand Cru quality.

Australian vineyards, where both sunshine and land tend to be plentiful, typically have vineyard layouts with rows from 2.4 - 3 metres apart and vines planted 1.5 metres apart, giving a planting density of approx 2200 - 2800 vines per hectare. At this density grapevines can thrive, with their growth uninhibited by their neighbours.

Our new high density block is laid out with 1 metre row width and 1 metre vine width, giving 10,000 vines per hectare, four to five times more vines in the same area as a typical Australian vineyard.

A Centare is a measurement of area equivalent to one square metre, the density of vines planted.

Where one Hectare equals one hundred Ares, one Centare equals one hundredth of an Are.

Why and How?

High density vineyards are associated with higher quality grapes, and wines with elevated intensity and character due to increased vine competition and yield control.

Fruit yield per vine is controlled to achieve a similar total yield across the area, as you would achieve at standard density.

Fruit will be superior, having a greater concentration of aroma, flavour and phenolic compounds (colour and tannin) because the vine directs all energy and goodness to considerably less bunches.

Higher density Pinot Noir & Chardonnay vineyards are quite common in Australia these days, but it is a layout rarely, if ever, used with Cabernet Sauvignon and friends - Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc or Petit Verdot.

The management of high density vineyards is very intensive and very expensive as a result. It requires uniquely sized and specialised equipment, significant manual input, expert knowledge and attention to detail.

Such commitment and passion for the project makes Centare Vineyard truly one of a kind. 

We invite you to join us as we continue our journey of excellence - it’s a long term project that will take many years to materialise in to it’s full scale but it’s a story we know you will enjoy following.